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Doctor for Home Visit

Doctor for Home Visit

Doctor for Home Visit

It's hard to get to the doctor when you are sick and cannot go to a hospital alone, you don't drive anymore, you have dependents or you're struggling with several chronic medical conditions. The result may be missed appointments and a lack of needed care. With mediQ’s home doctor visit service, it is far easier for consumers, people with dependents, adults living alone to get medical attention, bringing routine exams and diagnostic tests to the patient's doorstep. mediQ’s team of, locally and internationally, certified and highly qualified doctors including both general practitioners and specialists from 23 specialties visit patients in the comfort of their home for disease diagnosis and treatment. This provides accessibility, convenience and comfort to the patients in addition to individual attention and saving time.   Our team of doctors consists of:
  1. General Practitioners
  2. Specialists
Our specialists include:
  1. Medical Specialist
  2. Gynecologist
  3. Child Specialist
  4. Nutritionist/ Dietician
  5. Surgeon
  6. Gastroenterologist
  7. Pulmonologist
  8. Nephrologist
  9. Urologist
  10. Dentist
  11. Psychiatrist
  12. Psychologist
  13. Eye Specialist
  14. ENT Specialist
  15. Neuro-Physician
  16. Critical Care Specialist
  17. Cardiologist
  18. Endocrinologist
  19. Physiotherapist
  20. Dermatologist
  21. Rheumatologist
  22. Orthopedic Surgeon
  23. Radiologist

Our Team of Home Visit Doctors

mediQ’s team of medical doctors and specialists visit the patient in the convenience of their home and provide them personalized high quality medical treatment.

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