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We do not deal with medical emergencies or critical patients.

Doctor on call services are available across whole country.

Doctor on Call

Doctor on Call

Doctor on Call

The patient can easily find and consult, with certified and experienced doctor of any medical specialty, online within minutes through tele-medicine. Through mediQ’s mobile application or telephone the doctors and patients interact with each other even when they're not physically in the same location. This allows people to connect with medical specialists who may live in entirely different parts of the country and to obtain expert advice and diagnoses they typically wouldn't have access to. It also allows both the healthcare provider and the patient to connect without having to travel anywhere themselves. After the consultation, the patient gets digital prescription which is valid for any pharmacy.  Click on the medical specialty of your choice to see the doctors available for online consultation. The categories of doctors which can be accessed for doctor on call are given below:
  1. General Practitioners
  2. Medical Specialist
  3. Gynecologist
  4. Child Specialist
  5. Nutritionist/ Dietician
  6. Surgeon
  7. Gastroenterologist
  8. Pulmonologist
  9. Nephrologist
  10. Urologist
  11. Dentist
  12. Psychiatrist
  13. Psychologist
  14. Eye Specialist
  15. ENT Specialist
  16. Neuro-Physician
  17. Critical Care Specialist
  18. Cardiologist
  19. Endocrinologist
  20. Physiotherapist
  21. Dermatologist
  22. Rheumatologist
  23. Orthopedic Surgeon
  24. Radiologist

Our Team of Doctors on Call

mediQ’s team of medical doctors and specialists are available for telephone, video and audio consultations for patient’s treatment.

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