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When Should I Seek Help for a Rash?

When Should I Seek Help for a Rash?

December 12, 2020 in  Blog zeeshan masud

by zeeshan

There’s little quite like the itchy irritation of a skin rash. In addition to the bothersome symptoms rashes bring on, wondering what caused them can be a source of stress and confusion. 

While it never hurts to call your dermatologist about skin concerns, certain factors involved with rashes are sure signs that an exam is in order.

In addition to helping reduce your rash symptoms, we can investigate the underlying cause, which is vital for effective treatment and prevention moving forward.

Common rash causes:

Skin rashes can crop up for a range of reasons, including:

  • Infections
  • Immune system disorders and related medications
  • Skin disorders, such as eczema
  • Contact with a personal irritant, such as poison ivy or other plants, fragrances, metals, rubber, latex, or topical medications

When to see a professional about a rash:

Whenever you notice unusual skin symptoms, it’s wise to consult your doctor or dermatologist. While many rashes are mild and no cause for alarm, some require treatment. And the sooner you seek that care; the better off you’ll be in terms of your health and comfort. 

Signs you should seek medical support for a rash as soon as possible include:

  • A widespread rash that covers much of your body, which could indicate an infection or allergic reaction
  • A fever that accompanies a rash, which could stem from a serious infection, such as scarlet fever, measles, or shingles
  • A very sudden and rapidly spreading rash, which could indicate a serious allergy
  • A rash that’s painful, inflamed, or warm, which may mean you have an infection
  • Fluid-filled blisters or scales, which may indicate hives or psoriasis

The best rash treatments:

There is no one ideal rash treatment for everyone, largely because rashes affect people differently depending on factors such as the cause and your overall health. 

When you advise from our skin specialists, we go over your medical history, including any medications you take, examine your rash, and ask you when it appeared and other specifics about your symptoms. From there, we may perform a skin patch or lab test to confirm or rule out an allergy. 

Your customized treatment plan may involve moisturizing cream, topical medication, allergy shots, antibiotics, or other oral medications aimed at minimizing your symptoms.

To learn more about rashes or get the care you need, call our hotline.

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